Stylish the best Chrome extension for website personalization

Stylish allows website personalization for the appearance on any webpage in the world  through
hundreds of thousands of themes and skins created by other users and if you did not like any skin you can make your own and use it easily all you have to do is to create account on and you can edit the style of the website you want with the css editor .

Why i should try or use Stylish :

  • you can find dark themes for website "that dont support dark mode" on Stylish and protect you eyes from light while you are browsing at night.

  • Stylish give's you the ability to change how your favorite websites look instantly. 

if you want to try Stylish here is the extension link :

Stylish - Chrome extension

Stylish - Baidu extension

Stylish - FireFox extension

to browse website skins visit :

Stylish - Website