How hackers get your information

how can hackers get your information like your email , Address , phone number and even your ip 

well there is more than one method that are used by hackers but the most used is "SQL injection"
SQL injection is the exploitation of website that's  are infected and vulnerable for this kind of attacks the hacker runs a code injection to get SQL database information and this attack can be done with two ways :


which can be done in browser and without software

automatic :

unlike the manual the automatic can be done by using software like "Sqli Dumper"
which is easy and can grab "dump" emails for the vulnerable website very fast comparing to the manual method.
in this case the hacker can get all your information from the vulnerable website.

Sql Dumper

For example:

lets say that :
you have visited a the vulnerable shopping website
you liked an item
you wanted to buy this item
the vulnerable website will ask you login or creat new account  in order to make the payment and place your order  you will create a new account.
they will ask your email and set password .
you will be asked for your billing address and your credit card information.
your order has been palced .
Your Information has stored to the sql database.
The hacker uses a automatic or manual sql injection and get all your information in the vulnerable website sql database.
at the end your private information's has become public and the hacker can use them against you.

1-3 : how to protect you self and dont let hackers get your information's.

1- Shop and create accounts with your real information and email only in trusted websites .
2- dont share your emails and other information in forums social media and unknown website.
3- some of the website onece they get your email you started to get unwanted emails , you can avoid this spam emails by using a temporary email service or staying away from this websites in the first place.
4- don't use same password for multiple websites.

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